LLC «NPP Grafit»

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Technological complex was created and put into operation based on unique home-grown technologies of scientists and technologists working within LLC “NPP Grafit”. The present technology is protected by four patents and is one-of-a-kind. Technological complex is designed for processing dry graphite-bearing dusts and manufacturing wide range of materials needed in machine building companies, iron and steel companies and others.

The technological process comprises such operations as fragmentation, milling, screen separation, pneumatic classification, magnetic separation, electric separation, drying, dust-collecting, fine crushing and packing of the end product.

Based on derived concentrates and in conformity with the active GOST LLC “Grafit” manufactures such types of graphite: crystalline foundry graphite (silver) (GL), cryptocrystalline foundry graphite (GLS), crucible graphite (GT), lubricating graphite (GS), elemental graphite (GE), graphite-bearing materials applied in deep well drilling and manufacturing of brake pads.

We also produce steel carburizers, heat insulating mixtures, slag-forming mixtures, nonstick coatings and mixed modifying agents based on imported and domestic raw material, granular materials. All products are manufactured in strict compliance with developed Technical Specifications.

Starting from 2013 the “Quality Management System” ISO 9001:2009 was implemented by our company. 

Starting from 2018 the “Quality Management System” ISO 9001:2015.

Starting from 2017 the “Certificate of conformity of the measurement system requirements of GOST” ISO 90012:2005 was received by production laboratory.