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The main idea of creation LLC “Grafit” consisted in developing a brand new technology for manufacturing different types of high quality graphite and supporting materials designed for machine building and metal industry. For this purpose we established the team of high skilled scientific workers and professional engineers. As a part of studies the experts of our company developed a brand new and innovative technological scheme for beneficiation and processing of the raw material.  For the purpose of the project our experts have accomplished design and engineering developments and created conceptually new technological equipment and machineries being unprecedented in concentrating industry.  Based on accomplished developments we created the one-of-a-kind technological complex on deep concentration of graphite-bearing dusts formed in metallurgical production.

In November of 2005 the first ton of graphite (GL-1 type) for foundry production was produced by our technological complex. In subsequent years we have accomplished testing and debugging of embodied technology and upgraded the equipment. Our scientists and engineers set up production of new types of graphite: GL, GT, GLS, GE, GSBM and others. At the present day the company is in good progress and proceeds with production of the new products.

Starting from March 2013 our company launched production of heat insulating and slag-forming mixtures designed for the steel secondary refining.

New trends

We proceed with expanding the range of our services and keep developing new business streams. In this context in 2014 we established new department responsible for rendering following services:                 

  • Conducting works on full or partial repair of industrial equipment;
  • Start-up and commissioning works and optional equipment installation works;
  • Gas-welding and gas-flame operations;  
  • Assembling and disassembling works at facilities of metallurgical and coke industry;
  • Conducting works on complex and partial repair of buildings and structures.

Our company possesses well skilled and qualified operational personnel of appropriate professions, necessary industrial equipment and required permission documentation. We are ready to accomplish works as a single package starting from development of design and estimate documentation up to facility handover within the strictly established deadlines.